Founded by award-winning rider Josef Toth in 2003, HORSE TRUCK is one of the most respected manufacturer of horse transportation in Europe

Working TO the highest standards


Horse Truck Ltd. is a manufacturer of premium quality horse boxes.  
Our trucks have been present in Europe, most of all, in Germany, Netherlands, England and Italy since 2003. For over a decade prior to the foundation of our company, we gained extensive knowledge base in horse transport. Now we offer this widespread experience and our professional advice to our customers; ensuring they receive a vehicle that exceeds all their expectations. Customers may select any vehicle brand of any size that we equip with revolutionary, state-of-the-art technology and with an intelligent, computer-programmed and controlled electronic system. We custom-make our horse boxes that boast unique designs. Our highly-skilled team fulfils the individual needs of customers in order to ensure utmost comfort for horse and rider. 

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For your horses

As riders all our success is based on the cooperation with our beloved horses. Our focus is to provide them with the most comfortable transportation and highest quality environment.


For your team

Refined quality materials, elegant and simple solutions designed and crafted for the ultimate comfort. Luxurious appliances and plenty of space will ensure you and your passengers travel at ease and arrive relaxed.

Horse Truck S.Oliver Aniko Towers Photo LR-40.jpg

Special features

Personalise your horse truck choosing from a wide variety of options and special features. Superb on-road performance, adjustable horsebox set up, expansive living space will guarantee you will stand out from the  crowd.